Medication Technician Training Registration Form

FEES: Registration & Pretest: $50.00 (Non-Refundable) MBON Application fee: $20.00 Tuition: $250.00 Total: $320.00

Terms and Conditions
All applicants for the Medication Technician training program must strictly adhere to and attend classes for the required 20 hours of class work in order to successfully complete the training. Any student/applicant wishing to withdraw from the program and claim refund may do so prior to the start of the class, or as of day one of the class. Refund will be made according to the refund policy below. However, any applicant/student who does not attend classes and does not claim refund within one week of class start date shall not be entitled to refund.
Refund Policy
Less than 10% of Lesson - 100% refund
20-30% of Lesson (1st day of class) - 60% refund
More than 50% of Lesson (2 days of class) - No Refund
Non attendance more than 1 week after start of class - No Refund
I have read and understood the terms and conditions above regarding the Medication Technician Training Program. I accept and agree to the terms above and hereby affix my signature.

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